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• 9/13/2016

Emote Contest

I have admin permission to do this contest.

More details (so you guys aren't left clueless):

In order to compete in the emote contest, a user must draw a set of 19x19 px pictures (original pictures, please no photoshopping) emote style of four different mythical creatures. You must have emotes of all four creatures to be eligible to win the contest.

Good traits for your chat emote sets:

Simplicity: When it's 19x19 pixels, tiny details don't matter much unless you can see them in the finished product at chat emote size.

Quality: Just because it should be simple, that doesn't mean it should look like crap.

Accuracy: It should be fairly accurate to the mythical creature's description, but feel free to get creative. As long as a user can recognize what it is, it'll be OK.

Matching: Your sets should have matching artistic traits, for example if one of them was a headshot, and the other 3 were fullbody, this would not go down well in judging. They shouldn't match in color schemes, but art style should be similar.

Deadline 10/31/16 12:00 pacific time, or halloween. That should give you guys enough time.

Emote characters to draw: A Dragon (western or chinese, up to you), a Griffin, a Kraken, and a Mermaid.

Judges undecided (I want 2, I'll probably end up judging unless there are 2 other people that want to judge).

Prize: Your profile picture will pop up when anyone types in (winner), (artist), or (your username). Also, your emotes will be on chat!

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• 10/1/2016
Ugh the procrastination
• 10/16/2016
May need to move deadline back..
• 11/8/2016

Okay, since no one else turned anything in, I guess I'm allowed to. Did it very quickly, but hey, it's something, right?







• 11/15/2016

Left=decent Right=terrible

• 12/4/2016

Take the art and run DragonEmote

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