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Precious no-tribe
• 7/28/2016

Menagerie Trivia! Round 1

Okay, so this is how it goes. I ask three to five questions, and the person who answers the correct answer first gets a point. At the end of each 3 rounds the person with the most points wins a prize! The winner gets to choose what it is, being art, or whatever. You can also donate prizes, if you would like to.

1. What are the names of Logan's pet mice?

2. What is the Xanadu Menagerie kelpie's name and who named her?

3. Where did Logan and Zoe find Clonk?

4. Which bird has feathers like precious metals?

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Precious no-tribe
• 7/30/2016

...since I have perfect memory for everything book related I think I shall donate a prize of me drawing an oc (any oc, does not HAVE to be menagerie, but that would work best for the wiki...) in a special style. 

• 7/31/2016

Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I think Ruby named her, and something like princess??

In the costume/party/toy store.


• 8/6/2016

@3moons- Thanks for the support!

@StuffingNarwhals- 7/8! 2 is half correct, Ruby did name her but not Princess(I guess it's kind of close???)

• 8/7/2016

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Silverina and Ruby named her

A toy store belonging to an old man obbsessed with pirates

Alicanto, or is that the truth telling one?

• 8/11/2016

Congratulations everyone, the current standing is StuffingNarwhals-3 Precious No-Tribe-1

Round Two

How did the Xanadu Menagerie obtain a mammoth?

What is Logan's dad's first name?

What is Logan's pet cat's name?

• 8/16/2016

A Cloning lab in russia

oh my i forgot I'll guess Will

Purminisson. (possible misspelling)

• 8/21/2016

Abigail Hardy found him in a cloning lad in Russia while looking for another yeti.

Was it Jack?

Purrsimon, though he often just calls her Purrs.

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