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• 4/23/2016

Oldest user here but...

I'm doing this thread!

I'm Stuffingnarwhals.

I'm male, just for your information.

I live in the very hot state of Arizona.

I am currently re-reading the menagerie series, so I can make my characters/other stuff a little better.

My favorite drink is lemonade.

My favorite food is hamburgers.

My favorite candy is jelly beans.

My favorite animals are dolphins (no regrets skrubs).

Aaaaaaaaaa I'm a nerd I guesssss.

And that's all, I'd love to be friends with all of you!

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• 4/29/2016

Omg yeeeeees lemonade! And jelly beans! Dolphins are cool! Ima nerd too yay! Four(ish) things in common!

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