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Griffin Bases!

So, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I spent the time to make this griffin lineart. These are free to use, modify, and share, but please credit it!

File name: ColoredGriffinBase.png File name: GriffinBaseTransparent.png File name: GriffinBase.png P.S. I tried to make a 19x19 version for a chat emote, but it didn't work out. It might be possible to use these without converting them into 19x19, though. I'm not entirely sure.
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Admin System

So with (hopefully) 3 admins, it’s about time we made our adminship system.

Here’s how it works:

So say Precious had a good idea buzzing at the back of her head. She wanted to add europa infoboxes to our wiki. She would come here, and post the following: “I, Precious no-tribe, make the motion to enable europa infoboxes.”

In order for her motion to become successful, she would need only one other admin to agree with her. Stuffing might disagree with her notion, but if 3moons agreed she would say: “I, 3moons, second the motion to enable europa infoboxes.” No matter what the third admin thought, europa infoboxes would be enabled because 2 admins agreed on it. This way if I’m inactive, you don’t have to worry about what I think.

Before you do anything involving your admin powers, come here and wait for another admin to agree with your motion. This includes me too, I’ll be doing this also.

The exceptions of stuff you don't have to get permission for is highlighting stuff and editing the news section.

Don't make posts for promoting users here either.

People that aren’t admins can also make motions, but all 3 admins (no one else matters if it is a regular user making the motion) will need to agree with them. However if an ADMIN makes a motion, and two non-admin users second it, the motion will be passed.
Any questions, feel free to ask me, sorry if this is unclear
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