Roleplay Rules

Now that the forum is fixed, we will have a board for something called roleplay.
¿What is roleplay?
Roleplay is interaction between OCs, an example would be this. 
Stuffingnarwhals wrote:
Jen looked nervously around the room as she snuck the donut into her pocket. She didn't see anyone looking, but she thought maybe she saw the blonde behind her had looked out of the corner of her eye.
Narwhal the Seawing wrote:
Carly was outraged! She couldn't believe this lady. She had bothered to steal from HER store. She also had poor fashion taste, she was wearing a huge trench coat. Carly was perfect in every way, so she flipped her straw-blonde hair, and did a cheer in front of the ugly maiden. She then most gracefully took the donut out of the brunette's pocket.
Try to make your responses as long as possible, 2 sentences should probably be your minimum. 
Only use canon (from the original books) characters if the roleplay leader gives permission.
Feel free to use OCs unless otherwise specificised
No power-playing, don't let your OC overcome every obstacle in just a few words.
No controlling other characters, that means not even moving the character from one spot to another, wait for the other User responds.