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• 4/8/2018

I'm still alive!

are any of you?
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• 10/30/2017

I've returned~Your beloved founder

And you're all gone... This is such a cute little place though, I wanna start it back up! I know I'm a hypocrite because I left but...
I think 3moons is gone forever
Precious-I'm not sure.
I will consider anyone who comments on this thread (consider) for adminship.
Especially you Zodiac.
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• 9/13/2016

Emote Contest

I have admin permission to do this contest.
More details (so you guys aren't left clueless):
In order to compete in the emote contest, a user must draw a set of 19x19 px pictures (original pictures, please no photoshopping) emote style of four different mythical creatures. You must have emotes of all four creatures to be eligible to win the contest.
Good traits for your chat emote sets:
Simplicity: When it's 19x19 pixels, tiny details don't matter much unless you can see them in the finished product at chat emote size.
Quality: Just because it should be simple, that doesn't mean it should look like crap.
Accuracy: It should be fairly accurate to the mythical creature's description, but feel free to get creative. As long as a user can recognize what it is, it'll be OK.
Matching: Your sets should have matching artistic traits, for example if one of them was a headshot, and the other 3 were fullbody, this would not go down well in judging. They shouldn't match in color schemes, but art style should be similar.
Deadline 10/31/16 12:00 pacific time, or halloween. That should give you guys enough time.
Emote characters to draw: A Dragon (western or chinese, up to you), a Griffin, a Kraken, and a Mermaid.
Judges undecided (I want 2, I'll probably end up judging unless there are 2 other people that want to judge).
Prize: Your profile picture will pop up when anyone types in (winner), (artist), or (your username). Also, your emotes will be on chat!
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• 8/16/2016

CHAT PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't think I need admin permission for this, if I'm wrong tell me guys)
OK, we're all pretty distant from each other. We need to get to know each other. So I was thinking that if we all hopped on chat at the same time, we'd have a good time.
So I'll set out two dates (so hopefully you can make it to one or the other.)
8-20-2016 3:00 pm pacific time zone
8-27-2016 11:00 am pacific time zone
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• 6/29/2016

I'm back! (News Update)

Off of hiatus, whew.
Sorry for not making my hiatus more known to you guys, I just didn't want it to seem like I was doing it for attention.
I learned many things, and I hope I've changed into a better person.
One of the things I've learned is how much I appreciate you all. Individually I thought about you all, even the people I never got to meet, because you considered joining this wiki. 
If you've ever just had a rough day, feel free to talk to me on chat, I'd love to talk to you. I would love to meet each of you individually, even if I am a bit awkward. 
Now, let's get to buisness.
I am going to make a major motion for promoting a user.
Because I am still prone to going back on hiatus, (they won't last as long as this one though, and I might not need to go back on hiatus) I will not always be here to support the wiki as admin/bureaucrat. I will also make sure to
If Precious no-tribe approves, then I will be promoting 3moons to admin. 
We certainly need another admin, 3moons has been very loyal to the wiki. Her rollback position doesn't help the wiki that much, and also there's a strange glitch with it.
My other news is if Precious accepts the 3moons Promotion idea, I'm going to create a new admin system here, I definately want Precious and 3moons to look at this, but the rest of you can as well.
And that's all. I'm so glad to be back!
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• 5/1/2016

Our New Rollback!! HAPPY MAY!!


Today I woke up so excited to present a new user to the promoted users team.

I am not exactly sure how rollback works, and I think I have rollback tools as part of my admin powers. So the new promoted user will have to do some figuring out on their own, but as a rollback you can supposedly edit vandalism, typos, etc. a lot faster than a regular user can.

So we had two entries, sorry to Dragonmind218's who's just wasn't cooporating with the whole system of wikia, despite fitting the criteria, so with that we had Amethyst the Animus' logo and 3moons.

Amethyst the Animus
Then, me and precious hopped into chat and discussed the drawings. We thought both users would be fine rollbacks, but in the end we decided that we liked


3moons' banner more! 3moons' banner will be put up and she shall be promoted to rollback.

Note: No more promotions will happen until we get some more users, as of now 50% of our users have a position in this wiki.
Make sure to congratulate 3moons!
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• 4/25/2016

ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET ACTIVE GUYS BUT CELEBRATE ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• 4/8/2016


As you may have already heard, I will be nominating one rollback.
What does a rollback do? Simply has the power to undo bad edits in one click. 
Here's what you do, draw a logo for us, the one that currently is in the upper left hand corner.
It must fit this criteria
Must be 250x60 pixels or less, I highly reccomend firealpaca, which has a free download
It must say Menagerie Fanon Wiki
It can fit the Menagerie theme, which is completely optional but might help you during judging
The rest is up to you!!
Note, Resa the Stormtrooper and Precious no-tribe are ineligeble as they already have positions in this wiki
You must submit by April 30th 11:59 pacific time zone, and I will announce the winner sometime during May 1st.
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